2010-01-17 06:35:25 by mseemercury

so with little time left as a civilian, ive decided to take my free time and use it towards my own projects for my next mixtape, im sorry for promised collabs and what not but hey nobody does shit for me so fuck it ima do shit for myself, for this tape i only have 2 songs complete which are both unreleased.
this tape will be my bestwork, with only 15 tracks 7 collabs and 5 solos intro and outro, sign up if your really good and if you feel like your up to par with my work or better for a collab on this tape


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2010-01-20 23:36:11

Well, I haven't had a chance to say this yet, but props on having the courage to go out and represent your countryy. Do you, and come back safe, even if you are still here for several months.

mseemercury responds:



2010-01-22 12:21:01

Which branch are ya going into? Dont worry you should have time to keep up with your music. I dunno what your finances are right now, but I made bank while I served. Thanks for doing the honorable thing and good luck!


2010-01-22 19:16:56

Good luck. I served in the Army, and like Klazik, made bank until I got out. It's great for family men who want to provide, though you'll be away alot, so remember to spend as much time as possible with them when you have the chance. Again, good luck.



2010-01-28 23:10:39

Hey bro. Be careful man. I was a marine for 4 years, so I know how it is. Look check out Switch's Uprising. If you like it, maybe we can collab for your tape. Anyway, good luck, and get at me bro.


2010-02-06 21:33:44

Fuck the bad blood (if there is any) between us. Your new shit is hard, and I'd like to work with ya.

Holla at me.

and regardless, stay safe with what you do pimpin.